If you’re here, I recognise you as a motivated, compassionate, culturally inquisitive woman who wants to learn Spanish. You want to foster meaningful connections with the Spanish-speakers in your life and community.

You are finished with the surface level, 'one size fits all' programs. You crave unlocking the confidence to speak Spanish in the real world.

You want to claim this Spanish language as part of you. You’ve had the interest for a long time. You want to use the language to foster deeper connections with the Spanish-speakers in your life and community.

Yet, you’re struggling with self-doubts about your ability to effectively learn Spanish, and feel anxious every time you try to speak the language

You’ve tried a couple of textbooks, programs or apps but didn’t find satisfaction in those experiences. You’re looking for that extra push to get you focussed and in a sustainable, consistent practice.

You've been at this for a while and feel you should be so much better by now!

You value cultural awareness as part of your language acquisition journey.

You want a community of like-minded learners to provide support and a sense of accountability.

Your language journey is unique to you.

Imagine having the confidence and excitement to speak to the Spanish speakers in your life, in the language of their heart!

That's exactly what "The Beginner Spanish Experience” gives you. It's your safe space to practice and gain the confidence to use Spanish.

Imagine deeply connecting with your Spanish-speaking loved ones and community members.

Imagine being ‘in’ on the jokes.

Imagine using the language of their heart to express how much you care.

Imagine showing up as someone who genuinely wants to help. 

In “The Beginner Spanish Experience” you will find the structure, community and push you need to stop struggling and start loving and confidently speaking Spanish. 

Testimonial Beginner Spanish Experience 5 stars
Confidence is the first building block of a successful Spanish language learning process

Confidence... or the lack of it, is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for new learners (and even seasoned pros).

It can prevent you from embracing the learning process.

That's why we start our program addressing and banishing your limiting beliefs around language learning.

Our group meetings and language pods ensure you are always in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment.

Highly Relevant beginner Spanish vocabulary and content is essential to successful Spanish learning

After completing "The Beginner's Spanish Experience", you will be able to speak Spanish. You will be participating in spontaneous, basic conversations in Spanish. Through your exposure to foundational vocabulary and grammar topics such as:

Greetings and Personal Info,

Numbers, dates and time,

Likes and dislikes

High frequency verbs, etc.

Language and culture go hand in hand. Use cultural awareness to deepen your Spanish knowledge

Speaking the language of someone's heart is a beautiful way to express how much you cherish their cultural identity.

In this course, you also have the opportunity to actively expand your cultural awareness through open discussions with members of the Latinx community. You will be exposed to various accents, and learn about treasured traditions and unique language expressions. We also tackle negative cultural stereotypes.

Results I've helped create...

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere - Chinese Proverb

Here's what you get inside

"The Beginner Spanish Experience"

8 weeks of culturally enriched foundational Spanish vocabulary and grammar with supportive, confidence-building language coaching and support from me. This includes:

Early Bird Bonuses:

For the first three (3) registrants only.

One 45-minute coaching and planning session to create your personalised language learning action plan for the 8 weeks of this program - and up to 6 months beyond.

Two 30-minute private grammar lab sessions.
(Live one-on-one meetings you schedule as needed).